Sales Analytics

December 4th, 2013

Sales AnalyticsSales Analytics is the popular outstanding reporting tool for your VirtueMart online store (now also for VirtueMart 2). Right out-of-the-box operation, with no further configuration steps. It is designed with usability as a key feature, and so it is very easy to install and operate. It works the same way as the most popular analytic tools today: “with just one click”.

Once installed you instantly get access to: 17 reporting areas, 308 report types with 9 main report values, 4 fully flexible timeframes and 3 reporting layers, that tell you all you want to know about your online store in the most intuitive way.

Sales, Products, Orders, Categories, Attributes, Customers, Shopper Groups, Payment Methods, Locations, Manufacturers, Inventory, Taxes, Shipping, Currencies, User Registrations, Coupon Discount, Vendors … everything. All the valuable information available is shown to you in the most friendly manner, every report combining an easily readable graphical display for quick interpretation, a detailed matrix data for deeper inspection, and the suitable global values so you can see the whole picture.

It also provides a powerful time framework so you can easily check your sales data using 4 different time frames: Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

Using Sales Analytics on your online shop, you’ll get to know exactly what need to be done, where and when. No more valuable data lost. With this out-of-the-box solution, now all your online shop information will be at your hands. You only need to install it, and you can start using it right away. No further configuration required, and no hard learning-curve: move to every report you want with just one click.

Sales Analytics performance has also been optimized to work with huge online stores.

Compatible with VirtueMart 1 & Joomla! 1.5, and VirtueMart 2 & Joomla! 2.5.