September 18th, 2013

SaxumPickerIf you want to offer a choice to your visitors to choose elements from a set and evaluate their selection, you need this component.

The component first of all was developed to model drawing from cards (i.e. divination using a deck of tarot), but it is excellent for dealing with any other sets: for example “thimble and pea” game, choosing from colored balls, etc.

For the elements of the sets images and description can be freely uploaded and written. While the visitor chooses from the elements, they are hidden of course; the covering image can be uploaded too. It can be set, how many elements should be selected by the visitor. It can be defined that selected elements should be evaluated one by one or all together, and the order of the selection of the elements should count or no. The text of the evaluation can be freely edited.


v3.0 and v2.2 (18 September 2013)
– compatibility w/ Joomla3
– layout of selector and result screen can be modified by plugins
– displaying results can be made payable
– opportunity to create PDF from generated result
– displaying Try again button can be set by an option
– Choose for me button
– Reshuffle items after using Back button of the browser

v2.1 (2 October 2012)
– logged-in users are alllowed to save their results, evaluations
– logged-in users can send their results to the email address that they provided at registration
– new menu item type for showing saved results
– minor modifications in layout

v2.0 (29 April 2012)
– compatibility with Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5
– new features on the starting page(rotated cards and randomized covering) that make layout more fancy

v1.3 (29 June 2011)
– Full screen mode: component can be displayed on full screen (requires Landing Page Creator plugin installed and enabled)
– Evaluations can be copied
– Modified Sets view (back-end)
– Modified Element view (back-end)
– Modified Evaluations view (back-end)
– Evaluation button can be hidden
– Modified Evaluation view (front-end)
– Fixes in language file