sbahjaoui news

April 11th, 2013

Sbahjaoui News extension is a module based on MVC structure.With this module you can easily scroll contained either your text or image on your website, and you can set slideshow of photos with or without links.
In this version we removed old code marquee and we coded again with new code jquery compatibility with all browsers.We added also ability to add pictures with slideshow linkable.
includes a languages French,English and Arabic.

★ability to change direction (left,right,up,down).
★ability to change behavior or animation (scroll,alternate,slide).
★Ability to change font.
★Ability to change font color.
★Ability to change background color.
★Ability to change border style.
★Ability to change border color.
★Ability to change font color.
★ability to convert uppercase and lowercase.
★Support LTR and RTL.
★Include languages french and english.
★All browser compatible(IE6+,FF,Chrome,Safari etc)