December 21st, 2013

Scan-to-LoginScan-to-Login™ is a Joomla CMS extension enabling an extra layer of security plus a more convenient registration and login process for your website.

The Scan-to-Login extension places a QR Code alongside the registration and login fields of your website enabling lightning fast user registration and login, combined with 2-Factor authentication when a visitor scans the QR Code to enter your site.

The package consists of a plugin and a component. The plugin is used to embed the QR Code alongside the registration and login fields of the site. The component registers the user with the built in Joomla authentication system by processing the information returned from the mobile device after scanning.

The Scan-to-Login plugin is available for free to the Joomla community as we want to contribute to the Joomla CMS and our vision is to create a more secure, convenient and fun registration and login process for your website and its visitors.

Scan-to-Login is built and designed by Zapper™.


– Easy to install in a few simple steps

– 2-Factor authentication using our patented technology

– Unique passwords created and used by Scan-to-Login to further increase security.

– Customizable registration and login fields

– Lightning fast registration and login for the visitor by scanning a QR Code embedded on your site.

– No more complicated passwords and remembering username password combinations, user can just simply scan the QR Code and enter the site letting Scan-to-Login do all the work.

– Useful analytics on site visitor registration and login activity.

– Enhanced fun-factor of your site by giving your visitors a new and exciting way to login and interact on your website.

Scan-to-Login works in conjunction with our lightweight mobile application, Zapper™. It is a high-performance, multi language QR Code scanner with no Ads, is 100% free and is used to decode QR Codes quickly and accurately. Zapper is available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and the Windows Phone Store.