December 9th, 2013

ScriptMergeThe ScriptMerge plugin is a Joomla! System Plugin that merges all the CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files on your Joomla! page into one single file, which means that the browser only needs to download one single file for CSS and one single file for JavaScript instead of dozens of small files. This decreases the number of HTTP requests and therefor optimizes the bandwidth of your site. In other words: It speeds up the site from the perspective of the visitor.

But ScriptMerge offers more than just merging and compressing files. It also adds support for WebP, data URIs (using images not as separate files, but as data-streams within CSS), HTML-compression and third party minification-libraries.

The backend-options allow you to be extremely flexible: You can exclude specific CSS- and JS-files, but also exclude specific pages (components, Menu-Items).

This is one of the most powerful tools you will need to optimize your Joomla! site.