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July 12th, 2013

Scroll to TopFEATURES
★ Beautiful “Scroll to top” effect. Smoothy scrolls.
★ You can adjust Scrolling speed according to you.
★ “Scroll to top” button can be customized in many ways(You can change scroll speed, text, Background color, background-hover color, text color, text-hover color).
★ 12 Pre-loaded up-arrow images.
★ You can show this module at any position of your page( You can change horizontal as well as vertical position in Percentage as unit)
★ Free Installation support.
★ Fully configurable and Very easy to setup
★ Unlimited usage with unlimited Domains
★ Compatible with all modern browsers (Firefox 3.0 and more, Google Chrome, IE9, Safari, Opera , Internet Explorer 7 and above)
★ Option to enable or disable jQuery to avoid conflicts.