January 11th, 2012

ScrollSlider is a professional image gallery for Joomla!, featuring easy user navigation, dynamic image loading for optimal page load, customisable generation of images for each view which are cached for optimal performance, a ‘window box’ display similar to the well-known light box, and multiple background texture and colour options.

Feature Summary:

– Supports jpg, png and gif images.
– Can specify either a source folder for all images in the image gallery, or add custom images manually, or both.
– For the image folder, ScrollSlider handles the generation of all required images for each view automatically. ScrollSlider remembers the settings that were in place when the images were last generated, and only regenerates them if those settings are changed. ScrollSlider also detects if any images have been added to the folder, and adds them to the image gallery automatically.
– freely accessible as additional downloads are texture packs of 12 different background textures, each coming in 75 colours. See the demo page to view each.
– fully customisable labelling and image ordering.

ScrollSlider comes as a single Joomla! module for frontend display, and is a single install package for Joomla! versions 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7. Full installation and setup documentation can be found on our website.

*If you are concerned about the management of jQuery on your website, we have also developed a free Joomla! plugin called InterExt, which is designed to enable easier management of jQuery for our jQuery based extensions. This plugin has been made freely available to anyone as a service to the Joomla! community. See our website for more, or search for InterExt on the JED.