Search Suggestion

February 19th, 2013

Search SuggestionSearch Suggestion is a searching module using Ajax technology. It helps to search content, products…etc faster and more easily because Ajax can transform information with server without having to reload the page. With this module, users can search faster for content, k2, virtuemart or any components support plugin for component search(com_search). With this module, administrators can set searching parameters in backend such as: show/hide images in results search, highlight text, limit items…



✔Based on the component finder and module search
Support all browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, …)
✔Add features suggestions, but module search interface remains the same on your website without modifications.
✔Compatible with all the 3rd party templates (All framework most popular : T3, Grantry…)
✔Comes with 3 Module Modes and any component support plugin for com_search:Content, K2, Virtuemart
✔Show/Hide images in results search
Support Highlight Text
✔Comes with clear documentation
✔Limit Items will display
✔Support opening link in: Current Window or New Window.
✔Support caching to make website loads faster.
✔Support Multi-Language.