September 19th, 2013

SEBLODFeedTired of seeing ::cck:: in your Joomla RSS and ATOM feeds? SEBLODFeed will process your SEBLOD tags in your feeds just like you see them in your site.

Sponsored by Jeremy Goimard, this extension scans your feed output and replaces the SEBLOD tags with your SEBLOD content. If you see Jeremy in the forums, and you use this plugin – be sure to thank him for commissioning its creation.

Jeremy thinks it should be called “SEBLOD wonderful Feed”. You can be the judge.

Note, this plugin only works with the Joomla native RSS and ATOM feed output. 3rd party feed generators are not supported.

Version 2.1 fixes a non-fatal pass-by-reference error. If you didn’t notice the error, you don’t need the update.
Version 2.3 adds Joomla 3.x compatibility and some optimization. Thanks for reporting the compatibility issue Kyle!

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