Second release candidate for Opera 10.61

August 2nd, 2010

Hello everyone!

This is my first and (at least for the foreseeable future) last post on this blog.

For the last nine weeks I have been a summer intern in the Desktop Team and as a long time Opera fan I totally enjoyed it! There are some very cool things happening in the future of Opera and I’m sure that they will make it rock even harder!

If you have wondered what we summer interns did this year: We mostly developed tools for the testers and developers at Opera that should help them to release builds even faster!

Todays RC mostly contains stability fixes. But we had to revert the fix for the blanking out of the start bar, as it caused some other problems, and it probably won’t make it in Opera 10.61 Final. You should also look out for problems with cookies as we fixed a bug in the cookie settings. There are also some improvements for Geolocation on Unix and some fixes for memory issues.

Have a nice remaining summer and to the Opera team: Good Luck!