Securitycheck Pro

November 7th, 2013

Securitycheck Pro v2 is a global protection suite. This new version includes:

* A new and modular interface to manage the entire extension quickly and easily.

* Web Firewall
The web firewall has been tested against more than 90 SQL, LFI and XSS attacks patterns, and includes the following features:
– Blacklist (ip range allowed).
– Whitelist (ip range allowed).
– Dynamic blacklist.
– Events recording, which can be viewed by admins from backend.
– Alert or strict mode.
– Redirection to a default page or drop connection if an attack is detected.
– Second level protection to find suspect words (with editable list of suspect words).
– Base64 check.
– Email notification.
– Filter exception, mode and priority selection for greater flexibility.
– User session protection.
– Session hickjacking protection.
– Export logs in csv format.

* File Manager
You can check file/folder permissions and easily view misconfigured configurations.
Any problem? Click ‘Repair’ button and permissions will be corrected.

* File Integrity
Thousands of files in our Joomla website, how to know if one of them is modified?
With File Integrity you will be alerted when a change occurs in any file.

* .Htaccess protection
Lot of traffic from bots?
Block malicious user-agents and increase overall security esily with this feature.
Want to hide your backend url? Add a secret key to your admin page to prevent dictionary and brute force attacks.

* Geoblock
Forbid troublesome countries’ access to your site this feature, which allows us to block IP addresses based on its geolocation.

* Rules Management
Trusted users? Now you can choose to which groups apply Web Firewall rules.

* Cron Plugin
Get files status without afecting QoS.
Launch File Manager or File Integrity tasks when your server has less workload.

* Module Info
Check your Joomla security status at a glance.

* Vulnerabilities checking
Securitycheck Pro performs a check of the versions of all the components, plugins and modules of your Joomla installation, comparing them with its database to show if there are vulnerable extensions. Forget individually test of every extension to avoid vulnerabilities: Securitycheck Pro does it for you.

* Vulnerabilities database
Securitycheck Pro incorporates a database where you can see all the vulnerabilities known to our version of Joomla. This database is constantly updated to include the latest vulnerabilities.

* Akeeba Live Update integration
We have included this feature to easily manage and update new releases.