See the world through the lens of #teampixel

June 8th, 2017

Morning mist in Brisbane, Australia. Shadows falling on striped hillsides outside Cusco, Peru. The sky reflecting off city windows in Yerevan, Armenia. Palm trees silhouetted against an evening sky in Santa Cruz, California. A good photograph can transport you anywhere and let you see the world from someone else’s perspective—and #teampixel is going places.

A few months ago, we asked Pixel users around the world to share their photographs on Instagram with the hashtag #teampixel. We’ve highlighted these contributions each week on our Instagram account, as well as in an immersive digital installation on the High Line in New York this spring.

Now we’re bringing the creativity of #teampixel photographers to the Keyword as well. Starting today and weekly going forward, we’re featuring “Pixel perfect” photographs shared from users around the world. See this week’s collection:

@jomamalu – Rainbow Mountain, Peru
@_adampinzone and @alexanh20
Left: @_adampinzone – Nudgee Beach in Brisbane, Australia. Right: @alexanh20 – Looking up in Yerevan, Armenia
@the_scenicroute and @renatahaidlephoto
Left: @the_scenicroute – A 19th-century tuna factory in Italy. Right: @renatahaidlephoto – Colorful flower boxes in London, U.K.
@artful_enemy – Fairy lights in Santa Cruz, California
@theculinarybee and @woollbert
Left: @theculinarybee – Breakfast porridge and tea. Right: @woollbert – Daisy field
@callangreen and @lifeinbc
Left: @callangreen – A beach on the Amalfi Coast, in Sorrento, Italy. Right: @lifeinbc – Sasamat Lake, British Columbia

If you’ve got a Pixel, we’d love to see your photos, too—share them on Instagram with #teampixel.