SELECTO Universal Tool

May 24th, 2013

SELECTO Universal ToolSelecto is a lightweight plugin and yet powerfull system for your website, giving to your visitors & members the possibility to download articles (as HTML and ZIP)

A plugin that missing from Joomla community and a user friendly tool that will make your visitors turning to members.

#Native JOOMLA 2.5!

#Multilanguage Support

#You are the boss
Limit the selections based on user status (Visitor or Member). The limits can be applied to all parameters of the plugin.

#Freedom giver
Your visitors can download the selected articles from your blog, news, website and read them offline.

#Assign to menu
The Selecto plugin can assigned to menus exactly like a module!

#Secure & Clean code
The code of this plugin gives you and your visitors the necessary safety & make sense of the data processing speed.