Seo Links

November 28th, 2013

New function “points and commas to ads” to add dots & commas as keywords – great way to get random adsense ads in all Joomla! with only few clicks.

New Seo links work with Joomla 3, Kunena, Agora (only j1.5) K2, Virtuemart, Mosets Tree, Sobi2, DMS, Zoo (only j1.5), Adsmanager, EasyBlog and content! Keyword to javascript replacement (Adsense ads) is supported. Now you can show random Google Adsense code at random place in content every time when item is open. Seo links support Joomla 3, 2.5 and 1.5.

Seo links is developed for content and K2. Integration with all other components is “AS Guide” without warranty!

Seo links have import/export functions, have K2 and content integration exclude current content article and support long tail keyphrases. Keyword in keyword in key phrase – min. three levels are supported. Seo links work with Cyrillic and any other encodings

You can also download free version of Seo links from here:

SeoLinks is component that allows you to configure keywords or keyphrases that will be automatically converted into links in content (Joomla articles). This work with any encoding, not with only latin characters.

If You plan to to publish deep links to other pages or other site and this web site is with many artcles our extension is very useful and saves a lot of work. SEF URL support for Joomla SEF, sh404SEF, Artio JoomSEF, SEF Advanced and AceSEF.

Links can be configured to point to internal article or to external url address, with many parameters of link.

Options in admin for each keyword:
– New: K2 filter, every N-th option and up to 7 links for every keyword
– Keyphrase parameter: Wrapped in whitespaces. Now keywords are converted to links if they are surrounded with html tags also
– New: import/export functions
– Select in which categories to work
– Keyword (keyphrase)
– Status
– Internal or external link
– Custom Markup (for javascript and Google adsense ads)
– Article selection (for internal links)
– External link url
– Follow or nofollow
– Target
– Title of link
– Limit of maximum number of generated links in one article (or 0 – any occurence of keyword will be converted to link)
– Occurence – first occurence of keyword, last occurence or random

Global options in plugin:
– Limit component to work on home page, in blog view or not
– Option to work or not on selected K2 views

Component is developed by seo experts, has many other functions and check for useful things in source code like:
– If this keyword is already in link tag, no processing of this occurence
– If this keyword is in h1-h7 tag, no processing of this occurence
– Case insensitive. All lowercase and uppercase and combinations are converted (latin characters only)