Share All Articles

February 2nd, 2012

Share All ArticlesHere we offer a smart solution to connect articles of Your website with plenty of social networks and furthermore, protect the personal rights of website visitors: the Share All Articles (SAA) plugin.
The readers can decide, when and which article they want to share. Meanwhile, no personal data will be transferred to third parties in the background, as if the like button does.

In the backend, You can choose from a clearly arranged list, which sozial networks shall be on Your site. Currently are available: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Digg, XING,, Mr. Wong, studiVZ, reddit and StumblUpon.

Furthermore You can choose, if the buttons shall be over or under the articles and their alignment to the description field (left, center or right).
With the ID-list You can specify, on which articles the plugin shall be attached, or rather on whichsoever not.