ShareMe Compact PRO

October 20th, 2013

ShareMe Compact PRO★ Supports auto detect of site language for RTL/LTR languages. Pinterest, Google Plus +1, Twitter, Xing, FB Like , FB Send, LinkedIn, Digg and now Stumble Upon Share Buttons with Counters to market your Joomla website and Joomla Content. All buttons make use of sleek scripts that open in Popups so you still keep your visitors on your site ! The plugins is light and fast loading and each buttons position in line can be tweaked easily. We have gone to great lengths to achieve perfect positioning of the buttons so it looks really good on your pages.

ShareMe Pro Compact has been released, based on the Popular ShareMe button count plugin that was Joomla!’s first multi Share count plugin. There is also a version released as a ZOO Native Element that supports the ZOO extension from YOOtheme.

The Share Counting buttons are displayed in a neat Horizontal layout before or after article text. You can also select to exclude specific Joomla Articles, sections or categories. Show or hide in FrontPage articles.

All Share services are carefully selected and we only include services that allow your visitors to share and still stay on your site, so you do not loose visitors to other sites.

ShareMe Pro and ShareMe Pro Compact will also be following different Developemnt paths to complement the requirements of their deployment in a wider variety of applications.

The button currently displays the FB Like Box style Button Counter ( 2 styles ), Twitter Box Style Button Counter, LinkedIn Share Counter, Digg Share Counter, Xing, and Stumble Upon FBShareMe ( Removed in future releases , see support for more ) and Pinterest Counters as seen on Popular tech type Blog sites.

1.The current FBShare API requires that the Core Joomla SEF be enabled for correct functioning of the Service. I am currently investigating alternatives in case there are members that do not use even Joomla SEF/SEO on their sites for some reason.

2. The placement of the buttons is by default to the upper right side of your articles text, but can be easily changed by adjusting the CSS to your liking from the Plugins parameter settings in the Joomla backend. See the screenshots for more. If you need help with adjusting the CSS to your own liking, post a request on our support forums.

If it’s not stated here, its not supported. Please take the time to visit the Support Forum and FAQ’s. This is a Joomla Content Plugin for com_content output.

You must note that some sharing services do not support RTL Languages but we have tried out best to override their CSS in the plugin.