February 24th, 2013

ShareThisBarCurrent Version : 3.6 (23 February 2013)

Vesion 3.6 (23.02.2013) several problems solved from previous version :

* Facebook meta tag fb:app_id didn’t show up on a page when fb app key entered into the Sharethisbar parameter.
* On some installations users received these messages :
“Notice: Undefined variable: divId in \plugins\system\sharethisbar\sharethisbar.php on line 240,
Notice: Undefined variable: fbAppkey in \plugins\system\sharethisbar\sharethisbar.php on line 300”

Current Version : 3.5 (29 December 2012)

Vesion 3.5 (29.12.2012) new features :

* New social media sharing buttons added: Buffer, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Tumblr and Technorati.
* You can add up to three custom social media sharing buttons, which have not already been included into the ShareThisBar.
* Easy social media button selection and button sorting (check button and drag it to the new position).
* You can easily select one of the predefined ShareThisBar styles, with a click on the preferred style.
* Custom ShareThisBar style. You can modify predefined style after you have selected one or enter your unique css style.
* You have possibility to exclude/include the bar show up from/into selected menus or entered URIs, which belong to your web site.
* Choose the ShareThisBar plugin manager language. Currently there are only translations for en-GB and sr-YU.

Vesion 3.1 (19.10.2012) new features :

* Parameter for setting up minimum screen width for which the ShareThisBar will show up is added in plugin administration panel. This makes it possible for the ShareThisBar not to show up when the screen width is lesser than the value entered in the admin parameter “Minimum screen resolution to show the bar” (for smaller screens).
* Now You can choose one of the predefined messages(e.g. “Share This Content”) to show to your web site users, which could have positive impact on your content sharing results.

Vesion 3.0 (22.09.2012) new features :

* There is no more need to look for reference div for the ShareThisBar social media plugin for Joomla to work. Reference div plugin parameter is no longer needed. As soon as you install the ShareThisBar social plugin and enable it – it works. A few minor adjustments could be needed to tweak the ShareThisBar position correction parameters.

* Problem regarding not showing up the ShareThisBar social media plugin in Internet Explorer 7/8 solved.

* New Twitter plugin parameter: data-via added.

* Twitter button iframe version inserted instead javascript(anchor tag) version. Unfortunately because of that cliks on the twitter button no longer can be tracked in Google Analytics. Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn clicks are tracked in Google Analytics if you want that.

Current Version : 2.0 (22 June 2012)

Vesion 2.0 (22.06.2012) new features :

•Two more social networks added: LinkedIn and Pinterest.