October 12th, 2013

ShopFrShopFR is a simple and easy to use Joomla! e-Commerce solution which allows selling your products without owning a large and complicated online shop. If you have one or just a few products and wish to make some money out of it, you can easily add a Buy Now button anywhere in your website and wait till it’s bought.

Start trading in just a few minutes. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1:
Add the products to ShopFR list

Step 2:
Add the Buy Now button where you wish it to appear:, whether it’s in the middle of an article, custom position (using built-in ShopFR module) or as a menu item

Step 3:
Lay back and track your sales using simple and lightweight ShopFR extension

Enjoy ShopFR’s amazing features:

Simple all-in-one installation. It installs everything you’ll ever needed – ShopFR component, ShopFR module and ShopFR content plugin
Bootstrap design elements. ShopFR design elements (Buy Now button, title etc.) uses default Bootstrap classes, which makes ShopFR look identical to your website
Product Information (title, description, image and price)
Customizable shipping address fields. You will be able to select required input fields which will be displayed in the checkout
Input Validation. Don’t worry, only a valid data can be submitted
Desirable Currency. Add any currency you need
Easy Checkout. It can be both – simple redirects to checkout page, or AJAX – brings checkout form in a pretty Bootstrap modal box)
PayPal Integration. More payment options coming soon
Customizable Logo. Will appear in PayPal window
Dashboard. You’ll be able to track your sales and customer’s information in an easy to use ShopFR dashboard

License: GPL 3.0
Requirements: Joomla! 3.x