Show Modal Popup

June 29th, 2012

Show Modal Popup show a HTML message to the visitors and include a popular version of Jplayer Audio/Video Jquery Script .

The operation of the plugin can be set so:
1.Always on Exit
2.Uses only once on Exit – Remerber Cookies
3.By Time Interval

Basic Options:
Set Title , Set SubTitle , Set Html Message, Modal Popup widht & Height, Opacity Background …more.

Advanced Options:
You can include Audio or Video Player ( it use the latest version of a popular Jplayer script ) in the following formats: m4v,ogv,webmv,m4a,oga,mp3 .
show-modal-popup-1 show-modal-popup-2
For Audio types you can also include a Poster image
Set Video Player width & heigth…more.