January 16th, 2013

ShowtagsContent Tags for Joomla

Showtags is a Joomla content plugin to show article tags in category or article views. Plugin is based on article meta-keywords.

* Show tags before and/or after articles
* Parent tag selectable div/nav
* Format tags in unordered list / wordlist
* Show tags in category, featured or article view
* You can add a custom CSS selector to customize it
* Languages: English, Spanish and German (thanks to Johannes Hock | @adhocgraFX !). Other languages are welcome 🙂
* Category filter: Show tags only in articles of specified categories
* Can generate an $article->showtags field instead of showing tags to customize content tpl
* It’s compatible with Aixeena Taxonomy System (as a replace of the “Content – Tags” plugin)
* Joomla! 3.0 compatible

Install / Configuration:
– Download Zip file
– Install it through Joomla Extension Manager
– Go to Extensions > Plug-in manager and search a plugin called “Content – Showtags”. Click it to enable / configure the plugin.

Author & License:
Showtags was developed by Roberto Segura and is licensed under GNU/GPL 2,

You can find me at:
Email: roberto(at)