November 14th, 2013

SilverAdmin** Finally a user-friendly front-end administration package for your Joomla! Website !! **

SilverAdmin enables you to do the most common administration tasks while browsing your site. All elements (modules, menus and content) of the website will be provided with edit buttons. And a front end article manager lets you create an article with a new menu item attached to it at the same time!


– Create and place new modules by selecting a position in the website.
– Create and place a new menu and add menu items to it.
– Edit your modules, menus and content you see on the page by using the placed edit buttons.
– Move modules and menu-items on the fly.
– A front-end article manager which lets you create an article with a menu attached to it at the same time.
– An article wizard where you can create good looking articles by selecting a predefined layout.
– A simple website configuration without advanced server settings and stuff you don’t want your customers to play with.
– If you use the SilverAdmin Template you can easily change the layout of the website and its components.
– Implemented ACL you can turn on/off SilverAdmin functionality by user group.
– Single sign-on with the Joomla! administration.
– A nice logout button.

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