Simple Coupons Code

April 16th, 2013

Simple Coupons CodeThe Coupons code extension gives you a powerful tool for creating and collecting promotional codes, coupons and more. Quickly create your promotional codes. Easily place your promo code form in your Content, K2, Virtuemart,…etc using a simple Coupons code tag. After click on the coupons code, will automatically copy code and open new window.


✔Support browsers (IE6+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, …)
✔Easy create coupons code with button popup.
✔Easy customize color, border, background coupons code.
✔Intergrate Virtuemart, K2 and other components
Support opening link in: Current Window or New Window.
✔Support caching to make website loads faster.
✔Support Multi-Language.

The package include:

✔1 coupons code editor plugin: you will easy insert tag in editor.
✔1 coupons code content plugin: it’s replace the place where you put the tag.