Simple Mobile Detection

November 25th, 2013

Simple Mobile DetectionThe Simple Mobile Detection plugin does a simple check if the client is on a mobile device. If so, it stores this in the User State and you can check anyware in your code if your dealing with a mobile client.

New in version 2.0: Mobile content in articles!
We have finally added the content switch for articles to the plugin. It is still BETA but you can use it for simple setups. In the settings of the plugin you have a tab called Content Switch. Here you can set if you want the feature to be enabled. When enabled the plugin will search through content articles looking for {IfMobile}…{EndIfMobile} tags. Any content between these tags will be displayed only on mobile devices!
Go to the extension page for a more detailed view of how to use mobile content switch in articles.

The Mobile Detection plugin uses the default Joomla Browser class and extends it with detection for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. The Joomla iPad detection and iPhone or iPod detection will store on what device the client currently is viewing the website. The Joomla Android detection is a little more advanced and also tries to collect more information about the device, like the model and the Android build.
Here you can find example code:

Also it contains features to redirect mobile users to a different URL and set a different template for mobile devices.

Development mode (new feature!)
You can set the plugin in development mode to test if the mobile settings work. You can either the plugin in development mode for specific ip addressen, or set it to always for all browsers.

Per device options
With the per device options you’re able to set specific options for a device separately. Currently the plugin supports per device options for iPad, iPhone and iPod. This enables you to set Basic options for the plugin and set different, or disable, options for i.e. an iPad.
To set per device options, go to the plugin and open, in this case, iPad Options and set the switch ‘Use specific options’ to Yes. If you leave the switch to No, the Basic Options will be used. If for instance the Basic Options have configured to use a different template, but you don’t want this for the iPad, set the ‘Set template’ swich to No. Now the plugin will change the template for mobile device, except for the iPad!

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