Simple Radio Reference Module

July 21st, 2011

Simple Radio Reference ModuleThis is the player in a simple module that streams feeds from online emergency scanners from They have thousands of feeds hosted worldwide with even more frequencies to choose from.

You can choose to stream feeds that cover law enforcement, fire and medical traffic.

Let your visitors listen live to real emergencies in your area.

You will have to sign up for a free account from and apply for a free Domain Key to use this scanner. Once you are assigned an key place it in the “domain key” box in the module settings.

Currently you have to go to the Live Audio Page to find the feed you would like to stream. Once you have found the feed you would like to use click on it and in the URL bar of your browser you need to find the “?feedId=8166”. The numbers after the equals sign are the ones you are going to place into the “scanner id” box in the modules settings.

The last option you have is to auto start the feed or not.