October 13th, 2013

SimpleListsSimpleLists is a pure Joomla! MVC-component for displaying “lists”. A list is handled as a category containing items. Each item can be displayed using a title, a text and a picture, while this picture can point to a certain URL. This makes the component ideal for displaying a logo-page, a portfolio-page, a FAQ page, a custom blog-page or a peoplebook.

The component is shipped with different views, allowing output in a simple table, output using tags, and output for just the picture. Most importantly: Each list can be configured through the “Parameter” section of the appropriate menu-item (in the Menu Manager).

Some people just use SimpleLists for the smooth graphical effects it comes along with. That’s fine, but SimpleLists has also made firm choices regarding the non-usage of Joomla! articles and Joomla! categories. If you would like those smooth graphical effects to be combined with Joomla! articles and Joomla! categories, you’re NOT looking for SimpleLists. If you want to know, check out the SimpleLists FAQ.

Do you need support? Do NOT use the review-section below, which is ment for reviews. Instead use our forum, which is ment for support.