SIS ShowCase Slider

April 8th, 2012

SIS ShowCase SliderSISShowcase slider extension allows you to display image slides with Image caption, Image tooltip and HTML Content. As well as extension allows you to display video in the slider.
Module Parameters:
– Slide Type(Image, HTML Content, Youtube Video, Vimeo, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Myspace, Twitvid, GoogleVideo)
– Image Path (Load the images form the folder)
– HTML Content Title (Title of the HTML content which will display in thumbnail boxes. It will only work if you have choose HTML content slide type)
– HTML Content (Description of HTML Content slide)
– Image ToolTip (You can display tooltip on the image depends on X and Y Co-ordinates e.g.  a href=”#” coords=”634,130″   Your Content )
– Image Caption
– Video URL
– Content Width
– Content Height
– AutoPlay (True / False)
– Interval
– Continuous (True / False)
– ToolTip Width
– Arrows (True / False)
– Buttons (True / False)
– Numeric Buttons (True / False)
– Keyboard Navigation (True / False)
– MouseTrace (True / False)
– Pause on MouseOver (True / False)
– Transition Style (Horizontal, Vertical and Fade)
– Transition Speed
– Display Caption (Onload, Onhover and Show)
– Display Thumbnails (True / False)
– Thumbnail Position (Outside-last, Outside-first, Inside-last, Inside-first)
– Thumbnail Direction (Horizontal, Vertical)