March 6th, 2012

SiteBrainsSiteBrains is a SAAS spam-blocker and form validation tool that is now available to the Joomla community through the new Joomla component and plugin.

Block spam comments using state of the art client-side form validation. No blacklists, no manual moderation, no waiter for a post to publish, and most importantly no captcha’s.

Just simple, automated spam protection.

Block 100% of spam comments from bots and most human spam as well. SiteBrains even detects spam posted by human users by determining if the content is appropriate for the content of your site through our automation software.

SiteBrains is available for core Joomla forms, Jreviews and Zoo. Simply install the file and take advantage of the advanced anti-spam and form validation features of SiteBrains.

Block foul language.
Block spam registrations.
Block spammy links in comments.
Configure advanced filtering parameters.

Download the SiteBrains for Joomla extenstion and stop spam.