Sj Accordion Menu

November 30th, 2012

Sj Accordion Menu“Sj Accordion Menu” is a vertical accordion menu, animated with JQuery and suported by all joomla versions. It uses unordered lists and allows you to create infinite sublevels, the setup is simple and verry easy to use, various options containing 6 different types of animation for opening the sublevels, color and text customisation for normal, hover and active state of the items, 13 font families and all font sizes, caching and more. Jquery noConflict is integrated and a load Jquery option is available in order to work with other jquery, mootols and other libraries aswell.


Menu selection
Show/Hide submenu items
Open on Click/Mouse Over
Open speed option
Menu effects
Various color choices
Font sizes, familyes and decorations
Size options
Jquey noConflict integration