SJ HTML5 AudioFly

May 15th, 2013

SJ HTML5 AudioFlySJ HTML5 AudioFly is a custom html5 audio player with on the fly playlist. Very useful on music demo sites and shops creates custom styled buttons in any article which on click will display an audio player, to play the sample. From there your customers can click on a custom made link to direct them to your purchase, info or more details page. Our player runs on smartphones using Android and iOS.
On the fly creation of the playlist
Audio Folder
Playlist show/hide
Playlist repeat
Can show/hide a custom link
Can be placed Top or Bottom in a fixed position
Complete control over the items
Various visual customizations for both player and play buttons

– modal added
– multiple buttons added for add-on
– auto time trigger from id3 tag
– history for multiple pages
– new code improvments
– support for new addons