SJ Simple HTML5 Video Player

November 12th, 2013

SJ Simple HTML5 Video PlayerSJ Simple HTML5 Video Player is a custom html5 video player easy to setup. Supports .ogv, .webm and .mp4 video formats. You can have your vides with subtitles to. Our player can play your videos on smartphones using Android and iOS, also have the posibility to use multiple players on the same page. Now also has the ability to use youtube and vimeomovies to link to your webpage. Also the player is compatible with adaptive and responsive templates. We have tried to find a solution for users to have less work in order to set-up tehere videos.


Multiple instances option
Video File
Subttile button
Sutitle Folder
Subtitle language
Poster Folder
Video player width
Video player height
Video player border


New video player look
Youtube and Vimeo support added
Responsive and adaptive templates compatibility
Video player stretch-width
Video player max width
Big button width
Big button height
Select watermark image
Watermark left
Watermark top
Watermark width
Watermark height