Skuzet investment component

February 27th, 2012

Skuzet investment componentWhile creating my investment website, on which I wanted to show different information about companies, I found out that there was not yet a good investment component. On my site, I wanted general information about companies, but also information for fundamental investment decisions. Besides that, I wanted to be able to find and select companies based on stock market and industry. So I thought: I will build one for my own site.

Within the component, you can:
– add industries and information about industries. You can even add sub-industries.
– add companies and information about the companies
– add your expectation about e.g. the future earnings of the company
– add information about the profit, dividends or other financial information about past years of the company

Visitors of your site can:
– select companies based on industry, sub-industry, stock market etc.
– see and compare the current stock prices of all companies or just the selected companies
– find the important information about companies and industries.

Besides the main features of this component, the Skuzet invest component has the following default features, or possible extension support:
– Twitter integration
– Yahoo finance integration
– Language support (also Joom!Fish)
– SEF support (sh404sef)

Because I am not that selfish, I made it possible to download the main component on my site in the download section. You will also find the other supporting files there. I hope you enjoy the component!