Skyline Menu – Mootools Nested Accordion for Skyline Menu

August 10th, 2013

Skyline Menu - Mootools Nested Accordion for Skyline MenuMootools Nested Accordion is a plugin of Skyline Menu Pro that makes Skyline Menu into multi-level accordion menu. It is written in native mootools so you don’t have to worry about javascript conflict.

– Select Theme: Theme of accordion menu to be displayed. There are 4 themes: black, modern, silver and modern css3 theme.
– Right to Left: Right to Left language support.
– Fade Effect: If you select Yes, submenu will be fade in/out when expanding/collapsing.
– Event: Mouse event to trigger accordion. You can choose hover, advanced click and click.
– Remove Parent Link: If mouse event is click and you select this parameter Yes, it will replace parent link with javascript:void(0).
– Delay: Time-interval for delayed actions used to prevent the accidental activation of animations when we use {event:hover} (in milliseconds).
– Duration: Time in milliseconds of expanding/collapsing submenu.
– Transition: Transition type of animation.
– Custom CSS: You can use this parameter to fix display conflict with your website template without editing files.


Version 3.6.0:
– New Modern CSS3 theme.

Version 3.5.0:
– Compatible with Joomla 3.0

Version 3.0.0:
– New. Theme field is compatible with new Skyline Menu Pro 3.0.0 version. (It is theme field for choosing theme of the menu. Themes are now loaded dynamically by CSS files from plugin folders and they are shown as list with preview image on mouse hover.)
– New. Event: “Advanced Click” for expanding/collapsing menu. Now user can just click to icon to show/hide submenus. Unlike “Click” event, no menu link is removed.

Version 1.0.1:
– Add. New modern theme.