Skyline Slicebox Slider

August 10th, 2013

Skyline Slicebox SliderSkyline Slicebox Slider is a highlight 3D slider module that creates nice images slicebox for Joomla 3.x. The cool three-dimensional effects allows you to make an eye-candy slide-show with smooth animated transitions. In order to that, you are able to divide images into numerous slices, turn the versatile elements and make them become incredible moving cuboids.

Skyline Slicebox Slider work best in modern browser which support CSS3 such as Chrome or Safari. In the admin site, you can manage your slide with friendly interface, plus feel free to customize all the setting options to spin, slice, control and annex the caption for every slide.

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.0.
+ Can add image, link, title and description to image slide.
+ Support infinite number of images.
+ Set caption for each slide.
+ Images are loaded on the sleek line – no loading time between.
+ Display images from local folder.
+ Vertical, horizontal or random cubing layouts.
+ Make sequent transition effects.
+ Option to split up the cuboids randomly
+ Set the odd number of slices.
+ Set animation speed.
+ Support/ Compatible with com_media to upload and manage images.
+ Support module tags, cache and Bootstrap.
+ Customize number of pieces, title, time, delay and more.
+ Specify the description of each slide. Set your favorite font, size, color using custom CSS.
+ Nice transition effects.
+ Quick load.