Slide Down Header

December 14th, 2012

Slide Down Header is a nice, clean module that allows you to display a message to your visitors once they scroll down a page. The module, as its name suggests, slides down from the top of the page by default, but it can also be configured to slide up from the bottom of the page. Within the module you can display text, images, or any custom HTML. The positions within the module can easily be adjusted so that everything appears exactly where you want it to. Give Slide Down Header a try on your website today! If you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to contact support. We are waiting to help you with whatever issue you may encounter.

Features include:

• Slides down from top header or slides up from bottom bar
• Adjust background color, opacity, and height of the slider
• Show or hide a “close button” to close the slider
• Header appears upon page scroll or upon page load
• Set the scroll percentage (percentage of the page that must be scrolled before the slider appears)
• Set the on page load delay (if “On Page Load” option is selected)
• Set the show and hide speed of the slider
• Create and position an unlimited number of “containers” to hold the contents of the slider

INSTALLATION: Install the module in the “debug” position, or create your own custom position for the module.