January 18th, 2013

SlideBarBased off of MFSlideBar’s already-powerful codebase, SlideBar 2.0 adds additional functionality to bring your site where it has never been before.

SlideBar 2.2 adds a sliding tab that holds modules to the side of your screen.

Why use a sliding bar? It saves you space on your webpage! Put content highlights inside of it, or weather, or login panes, contact panels, or … any module at all inside of it to impress your viewers!

SlideBar allows for:
• Customizable themes
• Full CSS3 support (Including shadows, transparency through RGBA, and gradients)
• Retina (HiDPI) support
• Smooth transitions
• jQuery, MooTools, or Prototype JavaScript support
• Multiple SlideBars

** The download link has been updated to the latest version **

The original 1.5 extension can be found at: