May 11th, 2013

SlideshowFx will provide all what you need and probably all what you can imagine to display your Picasa, Google+, Flickr or Facebook web albums into your Joomla! web site.

Easy to install and easy to configure, you just need to activate the plugin and create an article with following content: {sfx}. Then insert your article in your website site and SlideshowFx will display your Picasa, Google+, Flickr or Facebook Gallery depending on plugin configuration!!!

There are many options allowing you to display only one or a set of albums or photos. Additional information, like date, album name, photo caption, access right can be displayed along with thumbnail or photo slideshow.

Albums and photos can be sorted by published/created date or name.

SlideshowFx allows visitors (all or only registered visitors) to vote for your photos or albums. Then photos and albums can be sorted by rating (Important: Joomla! cache mut be disabled).

SlideshowFx is provided with a nice slideshow script displaying photos (Picasa, Google+, Flickr and Facebook) and videos (Picasa and Google+ only).
Except a list of small buttons on top of your screen (photo next/previous, first/last, maximize/minimize, download, close, slideshow play/pause, timer) the rest of the screen is dedicated to your photos and videos!!!

Whatever the size of your screen, and whatever the size of your photo, SlideshowFx will automatically adapt photo dimension in order to provide the better quality (compatibility with responsive templates). This will improve user experience.

You need to increase performances? No problem, an internal cache mechanism reduce drastically the access to Picasa, Flickr and Facebook API, reducing processing time by several seconds!!! You don’t believe me? Then activate the profiling option. This will insert profiling information in HTML page (not visible by visitors).

You want to display albums coming from several Picasa, Google+, Flickr or Facebook user account?
You can activate the ‘merge’ option and insert several {sfx …} tags in your article.
SlideshowFx will get all albums information and will merge all together to provide an unique gallery on your web site. This feature is typically used by associations and clubs where each one can contribute to the photo gallery!!!

You have to manage big albums (tested with more than 500 photos)?
No, problem, a parameter in SlideshowFx allows you to increase the PHP PCRE limit. An optional scrollbar can be activated to facilitate album browsing.

You can propose visitors (all or only registered users) to download your pictures in a limited or in a full resolution format meanining original file resolution uploaded in Picasa (full resolution not yet supported in Flickr and Facebook).
You can also block photo download (making photo download not impossible but much more difficult!!!).

If you use SlideshowFx plugin, please post a rating and a review here.