Slogan Rotator

October 23rd, 2011

Slogan RotatorThis module is designed to easily rotate image files, swf files and text with a clean and user friendly interface , intuitive Administration Panel to help you realise a perfect rotator in a few minutes.

Features :

Choose any dimensions you want by setting the global width and height.
You can customize everything :
– the text color ;

– the text background color ;

– the text size ;

– the spacing between each line ;

– the background transition (fade , brighness, darkness) ;

– the exposure duration and you can also set an external link for every slide with target (_blank ; _self_) option ;

– the Play/Pause Button Color , Play/Pause BackGround Color , Play/Pause Timer Color , Next/Prev and Numbers Color , Controls Background Color , Controls Background Transparency ;

Obviously, the slogan text supports basic Html Tags too.

You can Show/Hide:
– every slide you want ;

– controls( play/pause and navigation buttons) ;

– the text lines .