SMAGRID jquery grid slider gallery

December 17th, 2013

SMAGRID  jquery grid slider gallery• hold multiple image categories (max 4) or just a single category.
• Can load unlimited number of images per category, each image can have its own text .
• Choose image transition effects (fade, slide horizontal, slide vertical), also can turn off transition completely.
• Customizable text description, transitions available (fade, expand up, down, right and left)
• Grid gallery panel can be set to show different number of rows and columns.
• Show or hide command panel with mouse over image
• Show or hide image number, timer line.
• customizable transition delay and transition speed.
• Image screen size and image thumbnails are resizable.
• Text description can be set at different location, size, text color, and background color.

New version 1.3 with jquery 1.7.1 from Google hosted library to solve a problem in Chrome and Safari