Smart Countdown

May 4th, 2013

Smart CountdownSmart Countdown is a highly customizable yet easy to setup FX animatied countdown / count up module for Joomla 2.5 – 3.0

Its main feature (and what makes it different from some of the existing countdowns for Joomla!) is that it handles browser suspend/resume events correctly. There is a wide scope of scenarios when browsers stop (pause) the scripts and timers: from putting a desktop in suspend state to switching mobile Safari tabs or even scrolling the screen on iOS devices while the module is displayed on the page. In all cases, after the browser resumes, Smart Countdown calculates the time the scripts were suspended and adjusts the values of its counter automatically (no need to reload the page).

Smart Coundown uses Mootools FX library for digits animation thus providing good cross-browser support.

Smart countdown includes translations for English (backend and frontend), Spanish and Russian (frontend only) and is well prepared for multilingual environments. It is aware of singular/plural forms of time unit labels it displays (Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds) for the majority of languages, including special cases – French zeros (that are singular) and Russian (third label form for values ending with 2 to 4 but not with 11 to 14), and can be extended with user-defined “plural suffices” methods for the languages that need their specific logic.

Smart Countdown package includes an optional plugin that helps maintaining the module on multilingual sites.

Other features:
• Digits animation – virtually unlimited number of effects and styles using basic animation profiles (included), installable profiles addons and possibility to create/edit animations directly in module’s settings with preview
• More than one countdown on the same page with individual settings
• Support for events import plugins (new in v2.1)
• Various module layouts
• Customizable module width, padding and background
• Independent font sizes for event text, counter digits and time unit labels (“Days”, “Hours”, etc.)
• Custom CSS styles for all counter elements
• Automatic redirection (may be disabled in options) to a menu item or an URL on countdown 0