Smart Slider

October 2nd, 2011

Have you ever dream about the perfect Slider extension for Joomla?

We got a lot of requests to make a fancy and customizable slider. You said that the other sliders on the market at are very limited in features and it would be good if we make an all-in-one solution for every slider types. After some planning and brainstorming we decided that we will make the best slider on the market.

How can you use the Smart Slider?

You wrote an endless list about this and we tried to meet your needs. Here is a far from complete list:

* Frontpage slideshow
* Image slider
* Image gallery
* Carousel gallery
* Content slider/tabs
* Highlighted content
* Banner slider
* Vertical accordion slider
* Horizontal accordion slider
* Product slideshow
* Frequently asked questions(FAQ) box
* Portfolio
* Sliding panels
* And much more! Your imagination is the only limit.

Available Slider Types

Simple Horizontal Slider
* Elegant theme [included tutorial]
* Joyful theme

Simple Vertical Slider
* Elegant theme
* Joyful theme

Photo Slider
* Minimal
* Experimental

Accordion Horizontal Slider
* Elegant theme
* Joyful theme

Accordion Vertical Slider
* Elegant theme [included tutorial]
* Joyful theme

What features makes it the best?

* Multiple slider types
Let you to choose which slider shape fit to your site. Currently 5 different slider types included and some of them has 2 themes.

* Theme management system
Let you to customize the style of your slider without any CSS knowledge.

* Bulletproof slider manager on backend
The administrator page fully guide you through the editing of the slider and the related slides. It won’t force you to use any HTML or CSS codes.

* Dashboard on the backend
To learn new tips and tricks, watch tutorials and to keep up with the new updates and themes.

* A lot of predefined slide templates
It makes the editing fast and easy and provides the best result, so your slides always look dazzling.

* Live preview while you editing the slide
You don’t have to be blindfolded anymore. You will continuously see how your slide going.

* Touch screen support
The slides works fine on any smart phones and tablets. (Tested on Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices)