Smarter holiday shopping with Google Chrome Extensions (beta!)

December 23rd, 2009

Since we launched extensions for Google Chrome on the beta channel for Windows and Linux a few weeks ago, we’ve seen over 1,000 extensions submitted to the gallery. Several of them have already become browser staples for me. But since I’ve been spending most all of my free time online doing holiday shopping this December, I found myself relying on a few extensions to find the perfect gifts and great deals.

If you’re doing some last-minute holiday shopping in the coming days, one extension to try out is InvisibleHand. This extension discreetly notifies you if a product you are looking at on a particular online store is available for less from another retailer.

Also, the Google Checkout team recently released Promotion Notifier, an extension that alerts you if the online store you’re browsing is offering special deals for purchases made through Google Checkout. If so, a notification banner pops up with details such as the discount amount and the minimum purchase required.

Another extension you might find useful is the one created by With just one click to the extension’s icon, you can find some really memorable items that are on sale on a particular day at (like night vision goggles!).

If you’re on the beta channel for Windows or Linux versions of Google Chrome, visit the gallery to browse many more extensions (including extensions from eBay and Kaboodle) that might make last-minute online shopping faster, easier, and maybe a little less stressful. Happy Holidays!

Posted by Christos Apartoglou, Product Marketing Manager