Sobipro Radius Search Application

October 22nd, 2013

Sobipro Radius Search ApplicationThis Radius Search Application is a native SobiPro Application (plugin) and fully integrated with and installed within SobiPro.

The Radius Search allows you to add a field into the native SobiPro search form to be able to add both centerpoint and radius distance criteria to the SobiPro search function. It works in conjunction with and is entirely integrated with that form. You can search just by radius distance or with any combination of native SobiPro search criteria.

The MyJoom Radius Search Application allows you to add a field into the native SobiPro search function. This field allows the user to enter any type of address (street and/or city and/or ZIP and/or any data that can be located in Google maps). Once the user start to type a place name, the fields try to complete the user’s query (exactly like the search input box). The user could also use an optional ‘Locate me’ button to geocode their position (useful for mobile users like iPhone, iPad, Android and newer browsers).

There are two parts of this search entry:

1) Starting point as described above.
2) Desired search radius which is configurable in the administration panel.

After the center point is entered, the user selects a radius. The radius select box can be customized in the administrative panel with your own comma-separated list of distances in the units you define (kilometer, miles, nautical miles). In metric unit, it’s possible to display the values in meters.

There is also an option to display the distance from center point on each vcard in the search result listing and the vcard entries can optionally sorted by distance.

Work also with sales area radius : you define for each entry a radius (sales area), and the radius search find the entries even is their center point is not into the search radius. Sample, I search in a radius of 20km, and the center of the entry is outside this radius (at 22km), but if this entry have a sales area radius of 5km, then it will appear in results.

In order to work, Sobipro Radius Search app need to have geocoded entries (entries with latitude and longitude). For this you can use SP club geo field, or Geocode Factory or other…