Social Auth

December 17th, 2011

Social auth is the short form for social authentication. Social authentication is a module that allows users
to login to Joomla web sites with their facebook or twitter account details. This module is a single page,
single click login which efficiently helps the admin of the Joomla web sites to maintain the database of
their users with the social networking site.

In today’s online world web sites created need to be integrated with the social networking sites. The
social networking sites have grown big and they are now used not only for connecting people, they are
even used for logging into web sites with the account in the social networking sites. With this backdrop
web sites that are created with Joomla has got a most effective login registration form. This social auth
module has been developed as an extension for the login registration com_user.

Social auth supports logging into Joomla web site using facebook account and twitter account. This
makes the login functionality easy with the option for user to login using twitter and facebook account.


1.Supports Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7

2.Developed as a Module so that it could be used in all pages and all menus

3.Option to login to web site using facebook account

4.Option to login to web site using twitter account

5.Can add both facebook and twitter login

6.Single page login

7.One click login

8.Easy installation

9.Three-way support

Note: Social Auth module works only if the other two plugins — facebookauth and twitterauth — are
activated. When you receive the commercial package, the first thing to do is to unzip the commercial
package and if you unzip it you would find three zip files: 1. Mod_Socialauth, 2. Plg_facebookauth and 3.

These two plugins have to be installed and just activated before activating the socialauth module.