Social Chat

April 22nd, 2013

Social chat is a module for Joomla allows you to manage a chat.
The module has no configuration, once installed it is already running.
Also it is not essential to set a template position, because social chat will always appear at the bottom right in the monitor, even if scrolleremo the page.
It was decided to conceive it as a module, and not as a plugin because then we could simply allow / block the display of chat in certain pages of the site.
Social chat is very simple and intuitive for your users, it will appear in a small portion of the screen in a rectangular box where you can see the number of users connected at that time.
A side we find the symbol of a gear that will allow us to change our status among those available: online, busy, offline and in addition we have a button that allows us to enter in the “town” where we can see all the conversations with various users.
If you click on the main pane social chat we can see in detail what users are connected and their status, by clicking on it we can open a new window where you can chat with them.
In real-time the user opens a window into your message.
If you have any doubts, questions, improvements or malfunction, do not hesitate to contact me!