SOCIAL Factory

October 2nd, 2013

Social Factory is our Joomla solution for a modern and dynamic social networking website.

Following the same design patterns as our top of the line extension – Love Factory – it offers a state of the art admin interface backed up by solid code and modern templates.

Social Factory is built with one goal in mind – Customization. Every section, page, field, instance or add-on can be configured, arranged or hidden with a few simple clicks.

Unlimited custom fields can be created and published in any page, the pages are also fully customizable with zones which contain the custom fields. The zones and fields can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system in the administrator backend of Joomla. Also parameters can be set like “width” or CSS class for the zones in the page.

For monetary gain, the webmaster can also implement paid memberships which limit or grant access to users.

Admins can limit access to the following features:

Create Events – If the user can create events
Attend Events – If the user can attend events
Friends – How many friends the user can have (unlimited can also be set)
Top Friends – How many top friends the user can have (unlimited can also be set)
Create Groups – If the user can create groups
Join Groups – If the user can join groups
Interactions – How many interactions the user can send in a day (unlimited can also be set)
Albums – How many albums the user can create (unlimited can also be set)
Videos Allowed – How many videos the user can add (unlimited can also be set)

When editing the membership, the admin can choose to update restrictions already issued to users. Then via the memberships, users get access to those features.

The admin can set under which membership new users register, its duration and under which membership they fall after expiration. A notification interval can be set which notifies users that their membership will expire.

Multiple Payment Gateways are available out of the box:

Google Checkout
Skrill (MoneyBookers)
Offline Payment Plugin

The system also generates invoices for every payment, where the layout of the invoice can be customized with the help of a WYSIWYG editor. The invoice can include VAT, Seller Info, Buyer Info and membership name.

Multiple Integrations are available to extend the Social Factory capabilities. Google Maps can be used to show users location and also a Facebook Plugin is available for Facebook Login. Users are able to login with their Facebook data and then a profile is created for them within Social Factory.

The notifications can also be modified, created, unpublished and also a test feature is available, in case you create custom notifications.