Social Manual Publish for K2

October 9th, 2013

Social Manual Publish for K2 is a Joomla plugin that enables administrators to manually publish K2 posts in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The idea behind this plugin is to provide a simple and free alternative for websites that uses the K2 content extension for publishing articles.

After installation, configure the plugin parameters by filling required data. Once configured, the K2 items’ list in the backend will show an additional column with a dropdown menu that allows an administrator to share the selected item into a Facebook fan page, LinkedIn group or Twitter.

The plugin works fine with SEF plugins.

Minimum requirements:

* Joomla 3.1 or later.
* K2 content component.

Comments and bug reports are welcome. Keep in mind that this plugin was created to satisfy a low/mid demand sites. If you want, for e.g., automatic publishing there are other plugins around.