Social Popup Locker

December 26th, 2013

Social Popup LockerSocial Popup Locker will display a popup locker when a new user visit your site and it show a Facebook, Google+, Twitter follow links.

Make your site go viral by requiring your user to Like on Facebook, Google or Tweet about your page to reveal content. Users must share link on social network to continue to explore the site or read articles.

Note: More share = more traffic & better ranking for your site.


★ Completly locks article page usability until popup is closed or social action is completed
★ Cookies remember if user have not completed action
★ Enable/Disable Popup Close Button
★ Enable/Disable Advanced Close Button that allow visitors to close popup by clicking outside of the popup or by pressing escape key
★ Set Popup Title & SubTitle
★ Set Popup Timer
★ Set Popup Retro Opacity
★ Esclude or Include Categories of joomla native contents
★ Share site url or article page

This Pack Include two types of plugin that you can use for your scope:
1. Content Plugin for Joomla Articles – ( triggers in the joomla native contents )
2. System plugin for Joomla – (triggers in ALL JOOMLA COMPONENTS)

If you have any problems with the All-in-One Popups plugin or any questions regarding how to use this then you can directly contact us at