Social Profiles and Followers

February 10th, 2012

Social Profiles & Followers is a joomla module that helps to show various social profile with nice 32px icon. We have added lots of social site icons and currently it’s possible to show at most 10 social network icons at a time. Again there is option for showing follower count with follow buttons for Facebook Page/For any url, Twitter, google plus brand page, Google plus recommend for url.

Social Profiles

= At most 10 profile with icons at at time
= With custom module setting any social profile can be edited
= Custom Title
= Custom Image url
= Custom Url for each profile
= Open in new window or not
= Add rel tag for follow or unfollow
= Add rel tag for external or internal
= Weight to sort Order of Display

Social Followers

= Google plus brand page badge
= Twitter follow button with count
= Facebook page like/recommend
= Google plus recommend for any url