Social Share and Vote Button Flyout Box

October 13th, 2012

Making your site Social Share friendly has never been so important. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase traffic, client engagement and spreading your brand name.

And to do that, its very important that you provide the means for your site visitors to share your content that they like in their various social networks. Our Social Share and Vote Button Flyout Box system plugin for Joomla is based on our previous popular product, Social Share/Vote Button Plugin.

Now we have created a even more smarter way to provide Social Sharing and Voting option through this new package called Social Share and Vote Button Flyout Box. Here all the major social networks will be at the reach of mouse pointer for your visitors. It flies out with scrolling at the middle or bottom of the page.

Advantage of this plugin is that its very easy to use and gives you the freedom to choose as many as social networks as you like and we have included not only the most popular but also less popular ones which are specific to certain communities.


– Supported Social Networks

— Facebook Like
— Facebook Recommended
— Linkedin
— Twitter
— Google+
— Google+ Share
— Tweetmeme
— Topsy
— Bufferapps
— Digg
— Delicious
— Stumble
— Dzone
— Flatter
— Redit
— Email
— Sharethis
— EarnerClub
— Blogengage
— BizSugar
— Diggita
— WuzzRank
— Upnews
— Designbump
— Designgizer
— Pinterest

– Button Control

— Two Button Style: Normal and Compact
— Count Show options
— Show/Hide all buttons
— Order by weight
— Color Scheme options for selected Social Networks

– Flyout Box Settings

— Flyoutbox background color option using color picker
— Flyoutbox border color option using color picker
— Flyoutbox gradient color option using color picker
— Float left or float right
— Flyout When Scroll Full window/Half window/Scroll end
— Flyout style Fade in/Fade out and Slide in/Slide out
— Setting Round Corner Radius of Flyoutbox

– Other Settings

— Skip Home page Yes/No
— Item ID filter Yes/No
— Remove on Popup Yes/No
— Remove from RSS Yes/No
— Remove from Ajax Yes/No

Mobile Device Compatibility: Yes