Social Share Privacy Improved

November 21st, 2013

Social Share Privacy ImprovedSocial Share Privacy Improved – protect your users’ data, and optimize your sites’ loading

The project social share privacy was originally started by and was designed to protect your visitors’ data when using social share buttons on your site.

The button displays social share buttons which must be activated before a site can be shared on social networks, this allows to protect the data of visitors who don’t want to use social share buttons.

The original script has been improved and optimized by eXtro-media, eg the images have been removed and replaced by icons, this saves even more requests!

The plugin can be displayed in the fronend nearly everywhere by adding “socialshareprivacy” , like in normal content, within a module or even directly in the template. The plugin can be configured in the backend, where you can modify the settings for the facebook, twitter and googleplus buttons.

NEW VERSION : V1.1.9-V1.1.14
– switched to a newer jQuery framework version
– corrected a bug when invoking the Javascript
– added greek, dutch, chinese traditional, italian and bosnian language files
– added persion (fa-IR) language file

Now translated into:
– English
– German
– Greek
– Dutch
– Polish
– Chinese traditional
– Italian
– Bosnian
– Persian (fa-IR)

now also works with Joomla 3.x!